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Microprocessor Applications

One of the modules taught in the Department of Computer Science at Loughborough is Microprocessor Applications.  Being a very practical subject, it is assessed partly by coursework.  This coursework is supported by hardware and software constructed exclusively for this module.  The hardware consists of an Experiment Board containing a number of sections of "real life" elements all supported by an Analog Devices ADÁC812 Microcontroller.  A picture of the board is shown below.

Students program a series of experiments in C using the RIDE-51 Integrated Development Environment from Raisonance Systems.  Programs are downloaded and debugged using our own ADÁC Debugger.  This is a Windows-based application that allows source-level debugging of the user's code.  A screen shot of this software is shown below.  Full documentation is provided to students covering the Experiment Board and the ADÁC Debugger.

Loughborough University is willing to make available any parts of this package to other universities in the UK or further afield.  Please use the details below to make contact if you are interested.  Sample documentation can then be made available and, if appropriate, negotiations on pricing can commence.

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